• Patient Safety and Quality Congress 2014

    Providing best practice, guidance & support for regional healthcare professionals

    16-19 March 2014

  • Quality Improvement Programme

    Come and see how our junior doctors have been revolutionising healthcare and how we go about making it possible

    Started March 2009

  • Patient Safety for Students

    See how DAPS is engaging the student body in quality and safety and what they've managed to achieve so far

    Started November 2011

  • Summer School

    Learn about DAPS's Summer School. Our bid to find doctors who are passionate about improving care

    Started September 2012

  • DAPS-RSM Conference

    DAPS co-hosts a conference on Quality & Safety under the auspices of the Royal Society of Medicine

    Started November 2011

  • Safety Tour

    Come and discover the experiences of British junior doctors travelling to other countries to work with junior doctors there to improve care

    Started January 2011

  • Doctor's Directory

    An exceptionally useful intervention designed by Dr Will Barker which will help change the lives of doctors

    Started January 2012

Welcome to DAPS


DAPS (Doctors Advancing Patient Safety) was setup in 2009 with the purpose of engaging and empowering junior doctors to take a proactive approach to dealing with patient safety and to carry out quality improvement projects.

The organisation was setup by Dr Imran Qureshi who was working at Ashford & St Peter's NHS Trust at the time. He subsequently moved to St Georges where the project has also been rolled out with great success. DAPS has continued to spread with other Trusts in the UK taking a significant interest in its Junior doctor quality improvement programme. 

DAPS has developed a core team of individuals at Consultant and junior doctor level, working together to help improve patient care in Primary and Secondary care.

DAPS has continued to innovate on a number of fronts from engaging students through lectures and workshops to running an International Patient Safety Summer School. It continues to strive to improve patient safety and make quality improvement a part of each and every organisation.


  • 27/11/13 - RSM Conference
  • 16/03/14 - ME PS Congress
  • 08/04/14 - IFQSH
  • 20/06/14 - Summer School
  • 13/11/14 - DAPS Global Awards

Book List

Patient Safety
Charles Vincent 

A comprehensive
piece of work on
Patient Safety